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“I turn my wildest dreams into reality, and live my wildest dreams.”

Fire Dancing

I am a trained professional with over 5 years of experience. I am fire safety trained & have all my own safety equipment. Fire Performing is my calling, passion & love of my life. Flow Arts is my meditative movement of full self-expression and personal freedom.


Performance Options

  • Tech Fans, Snakes, Poi, Staff, Floating Sword & palm Torches         

  • A one hour set will consist of 3 to 4 performances

  • All night gigs will consist of 3 to 4 performances every hour for up to 5 hours

  • I will book additional performance artists as needed for each event

  • I book everything from small private parties to corporate events & festivals.


☑ Fire Safety Trained                  ☑  Specialty Insured 


Performance Testimonials

"While I can throw a party, Felix The Fire Cat can bring the fire." - Merv Schwankerton

“While I can throw a party, Felix The Fire Cat can bring the fire.” – Merv Schwankerton

"... The look in his eyes as he is doing something he loves will capture you. His command for safety and awareness is assuring to all..." - PoGo Pink Tie

“… The look in his eyes as he is doing something he loves will capture you. His command for safety and awareness is assuring to all…” – PoGo Pink Tie

"I find Felix to be  organized, efficient, and extremely competent individual... The Fire Arts Community is a much better place with him in it." - Bren Scorch Jasiewicz

“I find Felix to be  organized, efficient, and extremely competent individual… The Fire Arts Community is a much better place with him in it.” – Bren Scorch Jasiewicz

“I only play games where everyone wins.”

Soul Family Productions

1Soul Family Productions is my production company that connects all my new and existing clients to all of my amazing friends and recourses for their events. I am here to act as a point guard for You to dream up the most amazing feats of performance for your next event and for us to deliver a hand tailored, amazing experience for you and your friends to enjoy. The “Soul Family Productions” family consists of:


-Fire Performers

-Gogo Dancers


-Acrobatics Performers

-Stilt walkers

-Circus performers

-Character workers






-Live Bands


-Lighting Engineers

-Sound Engineers

-Project Managers

Stage Managers

-Artist Management 


Our mission is to share the human experience through the performance arts to leave you touched, moved and inspired by the magic that we bring to the table of your next event! Let Soul Family Productions bring a memorable experience that will last a lifetime! We will turn your dreams into reality, and help you live your wildest dreams!

SFP is committed to insourcing through our family’s resources to put on massive transformative festivals that give our event participants the opportunity to cause mass healing by attending our events. Through SFP’s business model, we will appropriately allocate our resources to ensure job security for our family members who create the infrastructure for our events, while simultaneously making sure we also have the budget to exponentially grow our events! We will take the rest of our profits from our business ventures and allocate that money  towards the healing of world and its less fortunate people! We are giving festival goers the ownership of that repressibility that they can change the world in a bog way!

“I am the change I wish to see in the world.”

Flow Training

Teaching is one of my greatest loves and passions, and I am excited and honored to share my gifts with all of you! If you were a dancer first, and are a fire spinner second, then Tech Fire Fan Dancing is for You!! Fans are the dancers tools. The fans are a direct extension of your hands, are very unique and special because they have a dual spinning and static dynamic, and are also one of the most diverse tools in the fire tool arsenal for these reasons! I will be adopting & combining poi, double staff, double hoop, and club concepts into my fan curriculum.



Class Structures


Group Classes

Group Classes are structured into 4-week series. Each series starts at the beginning of each month. Students will have class once a week for 1.5 hours on scheduled class days. In each class students will learn a set of new moves through muscle memory, and then will practice those concepts in the 6 days in between class. I always deliver on my promise that every student will get extreme value out of attending my class series. I also promise that our work together will have a lasting impact for the rest of your lives. I am here to be of service and pay forward what gives me the most amount  joy in my life. I offer all of you beginner, intermediate, and advanced tech fan classes. Come on an amazing journey with me, as we dive deep into the depths of the Meditative Movements that is the World of Flow Arts.

  • Beginner Fan Class series are on Saturday’s from Noon to 1:30pm

  • Intermediate Fan Class series are on Saturday’s from 2-3:30pm

  • Advanced Fan Class series are on Sunday’s from 2-3:30pm


Private Classes

Private Classes are one on one and are scheduled once every two weeks. They will be 2 hours long and scheduled around my clients and my availability. It is my pleasure and honor to share space with all those that want to train with me. I wish to allow the space for students to gift themselves my techniques and teachings and discover their own personal Flow through powerful full self expression. I am in the business of Transformation. Private sessions are where I do my best work. The benefits have proven substantial, life-changing and  magical results in the lives of ALL my students. Private classes are a 100%  safe space to get empowered, have fun, get an amazing workout, learn new techniques and transitions, and really have freedom in full self expression through the meditative fan dance.

  • Skill Building

  • Choreography

  • Life Coaching



  • I provide all my students with the tools, skills, confidence, fire safety and connections to gift themselves the opportunity to become a part of the Los Angeles Flow Arts Community. My teaching is simply my personal fulfillment on doing my part in continuing the growth of the Flow Arts Movement.

  • I am partnered with Trick Concepts and I provide my students with all their fire tool needs. All my students get a student discount rate, as well as advice on which tools will best suit their needs.

  • By becoming one of my students, you are not only gaining a teacher, but you also getting an life coach and advocate for facilitating your own personal growth, development and success in whatever you want to achieve that is important to you in your life.

  • My classroom setting and teaching style encourages my students to be present, be empowered, and to have fun while exploring this new art form and meditative movement.

  • The breakthroughs that are discovered as a result from taking class have a direct impact on all the other facets of the lives of my students.

My Promise

Students who take weekly classes and practice 1 hr/day in between classes will have a transformation in their way of being in 3 months or less! This requires a suggested commitment of 8 hours of practice per week — or 32 hours per month — which means that, with 96 hours of practice, you will be well on your way to having meditation in motion in your life and be on a set path to becoming a fire dancer.



Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.



To be present, focus on one thing, and not focus on anything else. By definition, flow arts are meditations in motion.


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Kenna Tribe

“The tribe born from fire.”

I am the leader of a group of 26 talented performance artists that are putting on a performance that will debut in the Great Circle at Burning Man 2015. We are putting on An original show called “The FreakShow Circus of Nightmares & Dreams!” Kenna Tribe will embody all your favorite characters, large as life, fully self-expressed, with fire tools showcasing the amazing story that is “The Freak Show Circus of Nightmares & Dreams. ” This is a polished and well-rehearsed 15-minute fire spectacular of performance.


After Burning Man, this show will be available for hire for private events, corporate events, and festivals.

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